Just a couple of tricenarian professionals living and working in the New York City metro area and embarking on the homeownership journey. We have a shared passion for current events, technology, travel, hiking, electronic music and a developing interest in home projects and real estate. We’ll also be collecting our recommendations as our home comes together.

That’s what this blog is (mostly) about. Good thing we like adventures and staying busy.

Having an ice cream cone in Montreal.

Meghan is an editor and designer working in media and is an Ohio native. After living in Brooklyn for 6+ years she jumped ship to Jersey City (Joe put together a very persuasive presentation and she’s super happy to have a laundry room). She’s excited to decorate the new house and will be the one (mostly) writing this blog.

Joe is a corporate strategist in the tech industry and native New Jerseyan. He’s a veteran, loves playing (and watching) soccer, and moonlights as a nightclub DJ. His home projects revolve around tech ideas like homemade security cameras and smart mirrors.

The master bedroom in our current apartment.

Our Style revolves around modern contrasting neutrals – gray, black, white – with flashes of primary colors. We like touches of industrial, farmhouse, mid-century, homey minimalism and more plants than we know how to take care of. Joe prefers symmetry where Meghan tends towards asymmetry and we both love decorating with quirky and unexpected items.

It is far from refined, however, so suggestions are always welcome!