Our house has so many walls. Coming from NYC living, it’s a weird situation to suddenly have more walls than we know what to do with. However, we are pretty pleased with the two gallery walls we’ve hung

The key for us was figuring out the shapes that would work best on our walls. Let’s start with the hallway.

A Vinyl Hallway

The left side of our hallways is mostly full of doors, but the right side has a big empty space between the office and the gym. We wanted something simple that shows off some color and our personalities. We knew when we moved in that this was an obvious spot to decorate with records, which is something we also did in our old apartment.

Records framed and ready to be hung

Since we have space for more records than in our old place, we ordered a few more record cover frames from Amazon. The ones we buy are on the cheap side – re: plastic – but they have held up through multiple moves and they look great on our walls.

We decided to hang a whole line of them in the space, following you from the front of the house to the back. We used painters tape to set up a level line along the wall at eye level (for Joe). Then we did a little math to figure out how much space should be in between each record and used a pencil to mark where the centers would be.

Joe leveling out the painting tape.

It took a few tries to get the spacing right, but once we did it was easy going from there. Joe tapped in a nail at each pencil mark and the frames went up on the wall.

Vinyl Wall!

Here are the albums we used:


We liked the hallway so much we even added a couple more records – two of our favorites – along the same wall just inside our bedroom. Here we used a signed copy of “Be Still” by Kaskade and “Christ Send Light,” a collaboration between Nadja and Black Boned Angel.

Vinyl continues in the bedroom

Friends & Family Gallery

For the wall over our fireplace, Joe had the idea to create a more traditional gallery wall using photos of our friends and family. I went to my favorite print service, MPix, to get a bunch of copies of our favorite photos in various sizes – 5×7, 5×5 and 4×6.

Next, I ordered a bunch of plain black frames from Michael’s. Craft stories are great places to get nice frames at a decent price. I even got everything half-off during a major sale they were having, which helped keep the price down.

Now, before you go ordering these exact frames, I’ll admit to an obvious mistake I made: These particular frames – the Linear Frame, Simple Essentials by Studio Decor – have no hooks for hanging, just the stands. Of course, Joe noticed this, but only after we had already gotten most of our photos in them and started mapping out how we were going to hang them.

An attempt at planning out our wall.

My initial reaction was to start planning in my head how much time and money it was going to take to return all of these frames and find new ones. Michael’s, as I’ve learned, does not have an easy return system.

Again, Joe to the rescue. He started researching options on Amazon and found these double sided command strips from 3M. This turned out being even better than hammering in a nail for each frame – the strips are removable from the wall and with the velcro, the frames can still be easily removed from the wall if we want to switch out any of the photos, without taking the whole strip off.

Attaching the Command strips to the back of the frames

We were unfortunately delayed by a few days, waiting for the strips to come in, but once we had them and got them attached to the frames, we were good to go.

I found the best way to arrange the wall was to start with the photos that we wanted to be in the center, and then to move in circles around them to keep the overall shape even.

Joe hanging the photos!

Once we had a rough plan, we marked the wall where the middle of the gallery should be, making sure it was centered horizontally over the fireplace and vertically with our Thailand print, which hangs to the left. Then we started with our middle photos – two of our favorites of us in 5×7 – and went from there!

The nice thing about hanging a gallery wall with different size photos is that it isn’t meant to be even all the way around, so you have some leeway with spacing. It’s not supposed to look perfectly aligned.

Though we think it looks pretty perfect.Β 

Our brand new gallery wall over the fireplace.
Daily reminders of our favorite people ❀



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