There’s nothing like coming home from work on the last night in your apartment to find an inch of water on the floor.

Which is exactly what happened to us last week.

On Thursday night, our final night in 700 Grove, we arrived home from work ready for a good night’s sleep before waking up early to finish moving. We got home, opened the door, and immediately stepped in a pool of water.

The toilet in bathroom near the front door had been running all day, leaked out of the base, to an inch of water on the bathroom floor and out into our living room, seeping into the laundry room (where we keep our Neato Botvac, which was thankfully saved by the piles of dirty clothes on the floor – spared by procrastination) and into the second bedroom.

The folks at 700 Grove were great – the super immediately came up and vacuumed up the water and put an industrial fan on the wood to dry it out.

After I alerted our landlord, we decided to take a rest that night. You see, I thought we didn’t have much left. We had our clothes, shoes, the master bathroom, and some kitchen items and small furniture that we considered functional and essential for the previous week. We thought a few trips in the Honda would do it. What we didn’t think about was that out of the items that were left – including the TV, air mattress, coffee table and the rest of the contents of the closet – many were oddly shaped, making it difficult to get many things in the Honda at the same time.

Our fortunes from our Seamless order from Precious that night were particularly poignant:

Our fortunes from our last meal in 700 Grove.

We woke up on Friday and immediately went to work. Joe took down the TV, I started bagging the hanging clothes and we started making what turned out to be six runs between our old apartment and our new home. (We really should have rented another U-Haul for the day.)

The rest of the day was a blur. We snacked when we could. Joe spackled and we made a trip to Home Depot to pick up spackling tape to cover the holes we made from running wires in the wall, which took all day to dry and multiple scrubbings to clean up. We sweated from the humidity. We switched out keys and ate our last box of blueberries that we found hidden in the back of a drawer and were surprisingly still good.


We carried awkwardly shaped item after awkwardly shaped bag to and from for hours until we finally had our last run with the car, which included my office chair, a hand cart, cleaning supplies, tool box, metal ladder, step stool, and a few other random items.

Last Mirror Standing

At the very last minute I made an executive decision to ditch my old full-length hanging mirror, which ended up not fitting in the car and would have been a superfluous item considering there were already two full-length mirrors sitting in the new house.

And with that, we said goodbye to our first apartment together.


But wait… we weren’t done yet. By this time it was dark and we were starving, but we still had one more trip to make to grab our bikes, which were still locked up in the parking garage. This meant ordering up a Lyft to take us back to 700 Grove and riding the bikes back up to the new house.

We decided to treat ourselves to a pit stop for dinner along the way home at none other than Tony Baloney’s. Humongous sandwiches and the best mozzarella sticks we’ve ever had were exactly what we needed after nearly 12 hours of moving.

It’s easy to see people who have multiple homes and think it must be so glamorous. Oh, I left my underwear in my other home! But my short stint having two homes only a mile from each other makes it seem like much more trouble than it’s worth.

So finally, we are firmly ensconced in our new, and only, home and ready to get to (more) work.




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