As I mentioned in the last post, we had a bit of a snafu in the process of hiring movers.

We waited too long to schedule someone, and after phone calls to at least eight different companies and requests for quotes put in through multiple online services, I was met with mostly lines like, “Sorry, we’re all booked up for the rest of the month.” Or I was quoted outrageous estimates like $965 or $1800 for less than half a day’s work (since we are packing everything and moving small stuff ourselves) and only a mile’s drive.

To compare, I paid $350 for my move between places in Brooklyn and about $1000 for my move from Brooklyn all the way to Jersey City.

So we decided to go for it ourselves, especially since we have the luxury of time and a storage space bigger than most New York apartments.

We’d been moving boxes all week (and will continue doing so through Friday) and began Saturday with the furniture by taking apart the bed, futon and lining up what would be our first trip with the van the next day.

The biggest challenge here was taking off the headboard my dad made for us. It seemed simple. The headboard is a square piece that sits on top of the ledge of my platform bed. We removed the humongous bolts and then tried to pull it off. It didn’t budge. We looked closer. There were square top screws buried under the wood and we had no screwdrivers or bits that seemed to fit them.

Top left, bolt hole. Top and bottom right, square top screws.

I called my dad to ask about them: “Sorry, I might have gone a little overboard,” he said.

In case the half-a-foot-long bolts about an inch in diameter weren’t enough, a few screws to top it off to make sure the headboard absolutely did not fall on us in the middle of the night. At least I know my dad does not want us to die by a headboard to the skull.

Luckily we have a Home Depot (we’ll be spending a lot of time there in the near future, I suspect) nearby, so a quick trip to grab some square drill bits did the trick. And hey, as my dad said, “something to write about” for the blog!

Me, pulling apart the bed after successfully removing the headboard.

Sunday was the day we decided to rent a van (the only type of U-Haul that would fit into our current parking garage) and take care of the furniture. We also had access to Joe’s brother and a good friend of ours who came to help us handle the heavy stuff.

The boys carrying the mattress up to the new house.

(HUGE s/o here to Gerard and Jeff – you guys saved us. We are so grateful to have people like you in our lives. Thank you for taking the time out of your weekend to help us. Drinks on us are forthcoming and we won’t take no for an answer.)

We were amazingly efficient. We moved the following items in about five hours, in as many trips:

  • Queen-size bed with headboard and mattress
  • Two nightstands
  • Credenza with marble top
  • Wingback chair
  • Two tall bookcases
  • Armoire and wire drawer set
  • Full-length mirror
  • Full-size couch with L attachment
  • Ikea Cabinets (with door inserts & feet)
  • Buffet table
  • Dining room table
  • Dining chairs and stools
  • Office desk and chair
  • Office futon
  • Two large plants
  • Set of weights, bar and something called the sled, which has something to do with HIIT training and I’m a little scared to learn about but I know you have to push it and it looks something like this:


By the time we got all the weights loaded into the storage room it was looking like rain, so we took the U-Haul back to the gas station we rented it from, ordered some food from Precious and booked it home.

It felt so good to shower, relax with a beer and scarf down large portions of General Tso’s and a helping of scallion pancakes while watching “Breaking Bad.”

Post-move sustenance.

Pro Tip: On your moving day make sure you eat before you start moving. We only got in a glass of iced coffee and an apple before we started and that was… a mistake, to say the least.

Since we are still trying to give the newly done floors in the new place a rest (I promise, a post on that is forthcoming, including the boo-boo we made) we set the furniture down in pieces and are continuing to live in our current apartment until Friday, when we’ll finish moving clothing and food, and do a final round of cleaning.

This means we are living out of suitcases, sleeping on the air mattress, and eating off the coffee table for the rest of the week. Oh, and our folding chairs are playing double duty as night stands! Do they call that Life Hacking? Minimalism? I’m sure there’s a buzzword for it out there somewhere.

Our current living room / bedroom.



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