T-12 hours until we become homeowners.

Today we went back to the house for the final walkthrough. I haven’t been back since weย firstย saw it a couple months ago (Joe was back there when we did our inspection) and it felt so good for the place to be even better than I remember it. The absence of that large ugly couch probably helped.

The living/dining area, looking out onto the balcony.

Our seller has also done a very nice job of cleaning up the place since the tenants moved out. Once we get the floor stained and a new paint colors on the walls – the first and second orders of business – it’s going to feel like a whole new unit.


My favorite thing about living in Jersey – Laundry rooms.

Even the laundry room, closets and second and third bedrooms seem larger than I remember.

Joe showing me how the home gym is going to be laid out.

The bathrooms, however, were just as ugly as I remember them. They’re clean, and we love the large shower in the master bath, but the tile and vanities are so far from our style that our only option is to start from scratch.

Looking into the master bathroom from the bedroom.

Seriously – who thought that vanity was a good idea?

But we will have to be patient. We have a long list of projects, not to mention a move, to complete before we can get started.

I just keep reminding myself that this home ownership and renovation process is a marathon, not a sprint. But that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream. Now if only the Cavs could pull out a win…


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