Well, the short answer is, we’re buying a house!

A condo to be exact. Our own little slice of the world in a 6-unit building situated on the borders of Jersey City Heights, Union City and Hoboken. On top of what is essentially the Wall from Game of Thrones, with panoramic views of the city and enough space to build our own home gym.

I’m starting this blog mostly because I want to record my ideas for decorating and remodeling in a place where they will be organized and archived. I also want to track our progress and maybe record some lessons learned along the way.

This is the first time either of us is purchasing property. We have a lot of questions.

  • How exactly does an HoA work?
  • Why does our seller’s attorney seem so confused by our emails?
  • How much is our bathroom remodel really going to cost?
  • Are we romanticizing our new bus commute?
  • Will our Neato be able to sweep the whole house without recharging?


Hopefully we will answer some of them (though I think our seller’s attorney is a lost cause).

Our new place is only a mile north from where we are currently renting in Jersey City, but as anyone who lives in the New York area knows, a mile might as well be a different planet. We’re really excited to finally be living in a real neighborhood and we can’t wait to explore and to get started on at least some of our ideas.

Stay tuned.


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